New Spring Church
Thursday, July 19, 2018

College/Young Adults



God has placed New Spring Church near Mars Hill University for a reason!  We want to be your “home away from home!”  The people of New Spring want to work with the students of MHU and other college students and young adults to reach our region with the Gospel of Christ! There are plenty of opportunities to be equipped and to serve.

Why Should I Get Involved in Church While at College? 

- You have an opportunity to learn and grow.  Whether it’s in a small group or during corporate worship, learning is important and will add to the quality of your college years.  At New Spring, we have a small group just for you and that cares about your needs.

 - You have an opportunity to serve and give back.  God has given you unique gifts, and using them at church is beneficial for you and others.  At New Spring, we welcome college students to come and serve in the areas you love – or just explore serving in a new area.

 - You have a family away from home.  A church is more than an institution – it’s a big family.  And who doesn’t need a family, especially when you’re far away from home and everything that’s familiar?  At New Spring, we want to “be there” for college students and provide a sense of home and belonging.  Whether it’s at our covered dish lunches, community nights or movie nights, there are plenty of opportunities to get to know people of different generations.  And if you need a listening ear, time away from campus, or help and advice on anything from car trouble to relationship trouble, we’re here for that too.

College Ministry Opportunities

Small Group Bible Study -Sundays @ 10 am - You’re invited to join us for  small group Bible study every Sunday morning at 10 am.

Worship Team - If you have gifts in music, we invite you to be part of our worship team.  We need vocalists, as well as instrumentalists. 

Kids Ministry Helpers - We are always looking for students who enjoy working with kids.  Let us know if you would like to help out on Sundays or Wednesdays.

 Youth Ministry Helpers - If you would like to help out in our youth ministry, please contact Daniel Godfrey, a Mars Hill senior.

 Outreach/Missions - God has called New Spring to share His love with our community and the world.  We invite MHU and other college students and young adults to get involved with the many opportunities coming up.